I am reminded of a childhood cartoon Popeye The Sailorman. He was what we call scrawny compared to his opposing Bluto. What strikes me most if I remember correctly, is that Popeye always had what he needed on hand and what is even more striking is how the spinach fortified and empowered him in every battle. Though it was fiction, even as a child I always wondered, why he waited until he was in the fight and near defeat, to reach for his spinach. I remember as a child when I would scream at the television, as if he could hear, for him to take his spinach out of his pocket and swallow because the audience could tell when Bluto was near, and it was definitely going to be a fight. Pop-eye kept the spinach in his pocket. It wasn’t a one-time fix, but he had to continuously feast on it. As I recall, he never left home without the spinach. Though there were times that even while in the battle, it was a struggle at times for him to grab the spinach, but he always managed to get his hands on it. There were even times when he had to endure a few punches and faced being defeated, but he was never defeated because he knew where his strength lied: It came from the spinach.   In a real world, he probably would’ve been warned of this big bad Bluto, and he would’ve been prepared for the encounter.

Even in pretense the intent was to rob Pop-eye of what was valuable to him. Bluto was after Popeye’s lady.  Bluto wanted what Popeye had. In a perfect world one would think because Bluto was bigger, Popeye would have no chance of victory.

God’s purpose for each of us is that we know who we are in Him regardless of our statue, we are greater than anything that comes to oppose us. Like Popeye who used the spinach to empower, God is our strength and after we have come into a covenant with Him, we become empowered. We grow in strength the more we consume Him by way of The Word. He reminded us that the thief’s purpose is to steal, kill, and destroy. My purpose is to give them a rich and satisfying life. John 10:10. You are inclusive of them. Yes, you personally!  Yes, you specifically! He is talking about you, yes, you! There is a life of more than enough waiting just for you. There is a greater life for you.

He has come now to enlighten and remind you of whom you are in Him. Let each nugget fortify you for the race; Let it be the answers to the lies the enemy tries to offer, and let it be the marrow of your being to produce the fruits of the spirit, while He looks at and say, “You are good, my nugget.” Hide each nugget in your heart, and if need be, put it in your pocket so that you won’t ever answer to less than the precious jewels that you all are.

What you have in you is enough to conquer every opposition. Pull it out and use it! You have what it takes. If we were to bring this story to life, one would wonder what good the spinach would do but it I don’t believe it was the substance it was what he believed, it was his faith. NOW GIRL GO WALK IN IT!!