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Acknowledging Is The First Step To Results

Why is it that sometimes it is so hard to acknowledge that we don’t know it all? What would actually make us think we are supposed to know it all? What makes it sometimes hard to ask for help? Are we thinking that maybe others would see us differently? Could it be that we were always the person that everyone has consulted; now acknowledging our incompetency will dampen our egos?

Do you realize that the best scientist doesn’t know it all? In a scientific method the first step starts with a question which is an indication that it unknown or not proven. The scientist acknowledges the fact that he doesn’t know, but he pursues to find out. Taking the necessary steps doesn’t lessen him, but it is only when the results are discovered that it is known as great. He can’t be acknowledged as such until the question is ask; let’s call that acknowledging.

It took me some time to learn this about myself. I have missed many opportunities because I didn’t want to acknowledge where I was. I didn’t want others to know I didn’t know. How did I get to there? Well, I believe I traveled there via people’s compliments, consultations, and acknowledgments. Let us ask Lennie; she knows. Call Cherry, and let’s find out what she thinks. Let me ask my wife. Momma what do you think? Do you think I should? They always assumed I knew so when I had no clue I could not tell them; they depended on me.

God gave me this scenario as He was grooming me in this area. He said, “Lennie think about when your husband were building the house. He had the plan. He knew how he wanted it, but it couldn’t be executed until he acknowledged that he couldn’t do it alone. He had to first acknowledge his incompetencies. It didn’t make him less of a person. Although, he had to call in people that knew more than he did, he still remained the owner. He still was in charge. They still had to consult with him. They still had to do it according to how he wanted based on their expertise. He had to hire someone that knew the specifics of the foundation that would support the size. He needed someone that knew the codes for framing to withstand winds. He needed an electrician, plumber, painter, and etc. All of these people came together to bring his plans to fruition, but it all had to start with him acknowledging and asking the questions in order to get the results you have today.”

This reminds me of His declaration to Abram when he told him, “Look from the place where you are. Look north and south, east and west, for I will give you and your offspring forever all the land that you see” Genesis 13; 14-15. We know the story, and what prompted God to declare this to Abram , but in this case let’s say we too have to be able to “look from the place where we are.” We have to look past our egos and shortcomings and how it would appear to others and acknowledge where we are. That is the only way we will get to the blessings that lies ahead in every direction. It’s ok to admit that you don’t know. We can’t overcome that ego doing it in secrecy. We can use a GPS to find our way and no one would never know we didn’t know, but what happens if the GPS fails? Would you just go wandering and wasting time? Would you turn around before openly acknowledging you need help and risking never getting to your destination?

Declaring Proverbs 3; 6 “In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path” has made life so much easier. Learning to acknowledge Him as the greater one has allow me to follow in the steps that were ordered for me,but I had to first let go of my ego. I had to first get rid of me and take advantage of the help He had on my path. I can now ask questions with confidence because I know where the results comes from regardless of who is helping with the process. I had to learn to not get caught up on the helpers  because the finish work ultimately happens because of the master carpenter Jesus. So, don’t allow people’s expertise to lessen you; you are still in charge. Their abilities is necessary to get you to your next place in life. Being proficient in humility, will do a greater work than knowledge alone ever would.



1 thought on “Acknowledging Is The First Step To Results”

  1. That’s for those encouraging words. I am guilty of being afraid to ask questions. The scenario you use about the scientists is true. Hopefully, I will look think of the scientists theory and apply that in my life.


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